Friday, 18 September 2009

Module Two - The Use of Blogs in Education (Web 2.0)

I am always looking at HOW we can use various technologies within the classroom setting.

Our focus as professional educators must first and foremost be the education of our students and for me that means that somehow I can pass on to me the most important thing I learnt at school.

What is this I hear you ask (metaphorically speaking of course as I can’t hear you and of course I am assuming that someone else is actually reading this)?

The most important thing for me is that my students learn how to learn.

To this end I am always looking out for ways that people may be using current or emerging technologies in cool PRACTICAL ways to ENHANCE what they are doing in the classroom. (Sometimes I believe we attempt to “impose” technologies that do not value add and in fact leave us time poorer).

In this section of the course I have been asked to reflect on how a Blog may be used in a classroom setting and I must up front give credit for this idea to someone else.

At a recent gathering of Sydney Diocese Secondary eLearning Coordinators, Alma Divanovic, a CAPA teacher from Mary Mackillop Wakley explained how she was using Blogs to get her art students to create a form of electronic process diary.

What a great yet simple idea!

I have since gone back to school and am currently working with our CAPA Coordinator on how we can use this process and adapt it to the needs of our boys.

Thank you Alma!!!!

If you have hung around until the end of this post (kudos to you) I would like to treat you to a song by Kevin Honeycutt an American education reformist which sums up one of the reasons why I am passionate about teachers engaged in life long learning.

I hope I am not publishing to an audience of one!!! But if I am – so be it – the important thing is to take time out to reflect – another great use of blogs