Wednesday, 11 December 2013

New Google Sheets

Google Sheets just got better. Some of the new features include…

  • millions of cells to work with
  • no more limits on rows, columns or the numbers of cells you can copy and paste
  • scrolling is faster
  • formulas calculate faster
  • Filter views that can be named and saved 
  • a better user experience (more helpful) when creating formulas
  • over 20 new formulas
  • offline mode
  • improved conditional formatting
  • A popular Excel feature has also finally come to Sheets, allowing text that overflows from one cell to automatically fill the adjacent cell

Check out

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Transferring Drive Files' Ownership Outside Your Google Domain

As the end of another school year (in Australia anyway) approaches, a problem facing many teachers and students is
How can I transfer ownership of files stores in my school GAFE account to my personal Google Apps account.
 We all know the key benefit to using Google Apps is the ability to collaborate and share our work. Its easy (provide your domain administrator has the setting enabled) to share docs with users outside your domain (including yourself) - but what happens if you are moving on.

When posed with this question today by a colleague, I went looking without success for a solution. Then a thought struck me which I decided to experiment with - and voila it works and I would like to share.

The process involves seven steps which I have summarised in this video.
The steps are:

  1. Move all the files you wish to share in to a single folder in your GAFE drive (this simplifies the sharing process)
  2. Share the folder with your personal Google Apps account
  3. Log in to your personal account
  4. Move the folder from "Share with Me" to "My Drive"
  5. Use the Google Drive App to connect to your personal account
  6. From the Google folder on your computer use your Operating System to make a copy. On a Mac right click and select Duplicate - In Windows, right click and then select Copy and Paste.
  7. Once this copy syncs, your files will be owned by your personal account (In other words you will have created a duplicate set of files)
Hopefully this post helps someone else with this problem.