Saturday, 14 March 2009

Where to Begin???

After much procrastination, I have finally opened a Blog of my own.

So why haven’t I done this before? I guess the main reason is that I am not much of a writer. I have never been one for spending time documenting what I am doing. And to be honest I have never thought that anyone would be too interested in what I have to say as there are so many great innovators out there already.

So why am I doing this now? I have come to a point where I realise I am spending too much of my time JUST DOING. I feel the need to take some time out of this ever accelerating world of change, to stop and reflect.

I owe this to my students and to the teachers I am leading.

I can not promise anything new here as my aim is simply to reflect on the plethora of information about educational change. To look at how it impacts on myself and my school.

iLe@rn is an initiative of the Catholic Education Office Sydney. It has evolved from a number of philosophies about the role of ICTs in the classroom.

The core of iLe@rn is the the individual taking responsibility for their own learning. iLe@rn is about quality life long learnng.

The teacher plays a crucial role!

In a future post I will explain what I believe the role of the modern teacher to be.