Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Problem with Sites??? Solved I hope :)

The Problem :{

A number of colleagues have been reporting that objects (typically the contents of iframes) are no longer displaying on their Google Site when using Chrome (see image at right - Thank you Maree Rooke for sharing). The objects appear when using another browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari. This appears to have happened with latest release of Chrome (Version 30). Originally we thought that this may have been some kind of bug in either Google Sites or the Chrome Browser.

The Solution :)
Version 30 of Chrome will not display these objects due to the “potential”  that the page contains insecure content. This is shown in the address bar of the browser using a shield icon.

Some may argue that a more "in your face" warning about impending insecure content is more appropriate. I in fact like the subtle way this is done - now that I know what is happening :)

To enable the embeded content, simply click on the shield. A message will appear warning you that the page includes a script from unauthenticated sources. If you know that this script is okay (that is you have placed the iframe on your page) simply click the “Load unsafe script” button. This will enable your content throughout the site.

The site should now be displayed as intended. You will notice that the padlock in the address bar as a small warning triangle present.

Thank you fellow GCT +Adele Raemer for your clear YouTube video.

I hope this helps!!!